A Brief Heading


“The main item you buy that makes you more luxurious is travel.”We, at “BILLOO TRAVELS,” stand by this and value fulfilling vacation aspirations that make you rich indefinitely.

Established in 1969, Over the half of Decade ago.

Through our innovative planned event packages and other basic travel services, we have been transporting outstanding experiences for a very long time. We inspire our clients to continue living rich lives filled with unforgettable travel experiences.

Danish Bangloria is the Cheif Executive Officer ( CEO ) of Billoo Travels Pvt Ltd, a company that has been operating successfully in the travel industry for over 55 years. Taking the helm after the passing of his late father, Zakariya Muhammad Sharif , Danish carries forward the company's legacy and values with utmost dedication. With a deep understanding of the industry and a commitment to maintaining Billoo Travels' reputation, Danish leads the team in delivering exceptional travel experiences. Under his leadership, Billoo Travels Services Pvt Ltd, continues to thrive as a trusted name in the travel industry, providing quality service and memorable journeys to clients worldwide.

Our Mission

Our goal is to manage business travel and realise vacation aspirations by providing individualised, top-notch service.

We offer the best travel management in the business as staff members of the BILLOO TRAVELS management team.

We think that loyal, lasting connections will be the outcome of consistently delivering ethically sound performance to our community, vendors, workers, and consumers.

We think that in addition to exceeding industry standards, our service should also offer the best price to the client.

Our goal is to make a profit that will improve the lives of our workers and, in part, benefit the community through initiatives and services.

We are certain that our business will effectively and pro-actively address the problems of the future through collaborative decision-making.

We can never settle for less.